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  ACT may audit education centers accused of cheating

  ACT Inc, which administers the ACT college-entrance exam, may be auditing 200 education centers it owns that have been accused of cheating by international students after it laid off its head of test security, according to a Reuters report. The ACT is the most popular college admissions exam, and ACT Inc owns the Global Assessment Certificate program, a college preparatory program for students whose first language is not English.

  Several GAC centers, all of which are operated by a Hong Kong-based subsidiary of ACT, have been accused of rampant cheating, and they may potentially be audited to see how big the cheating problem is, according to Reuters.

  This comes as the company laid off Rachel Schoenig, its head of test security, after Schoenig's 14-member team suggested tightening security measures at testing sites around the world. In June, the ACT exam was canceled in Hong Kong and South Korea after a test was leaked.

  "As an example, we recently indicated our intention to begin computer-adaptive testing in all international test centers starting in fall 2017 to help improve test security," it said. It also said that it investigates all reports received about cheating and takes action when claims are substantiated. The June exam cancellation was announced hours before the test was to be administered, which affected 5,500 students at 56 different test centers in Hong Kong and South Korea. The next test won't be administered until September.